Sometimes it's not viable to have a firewall with NAT (network address translation), this allows you to use Karoshi on it's default IP range, but be part of a large WAN that uses a different set of TCP/IP's.

To bypass this problem, you can add an Internet connection, you can do this within Karoshi Management, the documentation on how to do so is here:

  • Select 'Karoshi Management' icon from the desktop.
  • Next click on "Internet Access".
  • Confirm that you want to add a connection.
  • Type in the IP and Netmask that you want to use for the server you are entering the Internet connection for.
  • Next enter the DNS and Gateway of your ISP/LEA Provider if you do not have these details you can get them from your Internet provider.
  • Next you will need to decided if you wish to make this permanent. If you choose no if the server ever restarts or loses power it will forget the details you have entered. Once decided click 'Yes'.
  • Internet Connection has now been added.

You will need to know the following details:

The TCP/IP and Netmask you wish your server to use. The DNS and Gateway of the WAN. (You can contact your LEA/ISP provider for this)

You can then choose to make this permanent.