Since I have implemented Karoshi, I have been able to offer ICT Services to an excellent degree of effectiveness.

Staff find being able to access their information from any machine in the school extremely useful.

Fr om an administrative perspective, Karoshi has given me the possibility to get an intergrated multi-server environment up in a fraction of the time of a Microsoft Server implementation.

Cost being a factor, any entry-level Network Administrator will be able to easily maintain our implementation in the future. Thus, freeing up time for training our staff with new ICT skills.

Kevin Tunison Network Manager

Letter in Linux Format Magazine:

Last year you ran an education feature [Learning with Linux LXF74] and meationed the Karoshi Linux Server System. I was very interested in this, as our school in Zambia was looking for a system for each pupil to log in to a domain and to centralise the storage files.

We also badly needed to replace our aging Red Hat mail server.

The Karoshi system offered to solve all of these issues.

I would recommend any schools wanting to introduce a Linux Server System to have a look at Karoshi. Although the servers are designed for schools I am sure they could be adapted for small businesses.

It seems to be a very robust system and very trouble free once it is setup.

Michelle Cantlay ICT Teacher

It still surprises me that more schools have not taken on Karoshi. Before trying out Karoshi, I looked long and hard at using Linux, but the thought of going it alone always put me off. That's why Karoshi was so appealing, there was the offer of support if needed and all the work in setting up is done for you anyway!

John Haslip Technician