• Karoshi is designed to provide you with a seamless system throughout the school, this ensures technology trends that can benefit education are in place.
  • Karoshi is very flexible, you don't have to run everything it has to offer and if it doesn't do something you wish, just ask!
  • By making the running of the network more simple, will allow staff to get on with the teaching and/or innovating and not worry about problem solving server errors!
  • Choose between using a Single Server Setup with all the features on one box or spread the load with the Multiple Server Setup.
  • We understand the problems with school networks, and what is important and what is not.
  • Karoshi has a standard set-up that is identical in each school. Having a standard platform means that schools can share development and ideas. It also means finding staff that know the system is easier.
  • There is no license fees so you will not be affected with a annual cost, meaning you can spend more on innovation and hardware.
  • The Karoshi Project will always be under the GPL license.

Points to remember:

  • The Karoshi project is not written with Linux experts in mind, but computing/networking knowledge is needed.
  • The range of management tools can be adapted to establishments other than schools.
  • Any features that you wish to add please contact the team and we will carefully consider implementation into the project.
  • If your still not convinced please contact us and let us know why, maybe we can fix/implement what ever is concerning you.